Mare e gradina domnului….

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Chiar daca ne aflam in 2011 si calculatoarele, laptopurile nu mai sunt un secret pentru multi, totusi sunt unii oameni care nu fac diferenta intre un mouse (animal) si un mouse(de calculator).Stiu, nu va vine sa credeti nici mie nu mi-a venit dar e adevarat.

Customer: “I plugged a mouse into my computer, and it died. Now I can’t get it out.”

(We review for a few minutes and I deduce that he has plugged a mouse into his USB port, but it’s stuck inside and won’t work.)

Me: “Okay, so grab the cord and try to pull on that.”

Customer: “You mean the tail? That’s already in the port.”

Me: “Well, the cord shouldn’t be. You’re supposed to plug in the other end.”

Customer: “You mean the head? I don’t think it would fit.”

(Suddenly realizing what the customer has done.)

Me: “Did you plug in a live mouse to your computer?”

Customer: “Yes, I believe I said that.”

(I put customer on hold for several minutes. When I recover I realize I don’t know what to tell the customer I call my supervisor who instructs the customer to bring the laptop into a repair shop. I get the customer back on and tell him this information.)

Customer: “But Mickey’s gone for good now, right?”

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6 Replies to “Mare e gradina domnului….”

  1. Dannielph says:

    Sa fie adevarat oare?

  2. roscabgdn says:

    @Dannielph : cica e adevarat….

  3. bibabum says:

    :)) ) mare e gradina si multe uscaturi are

  4. roscabgdn says:

    @bibabum : are destule… ce sa faci:P

  5. Rhodiolin says:

    Nupot sa cred asa ceva! De fapt cred ca e gluma! In secolul 21 nu cred ca exista asa ceva…nici in romania nu era posibil asa ceva pentru ca cei care stiu ce inseamna mouse stiu mai degraba de cel de la pc, iar cei care nu stiu nimic….nu stiu minic 😛

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